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Soldering is a method of connecting two pieces of metal together by melting another filler metal in between them. There are many kinds of soldering, but this article is designed to teach you the basics of electrical soldering.

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I'm looking to repair the wobbly micro-usb port on my Fii0 E10k DAC

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So i'm looking to repair my USB DAC because it does not receive power unless the USB port is pushed in a certain direction. So I'm thinking that the solder points have broken.

I have taken it apart, however looking at the back and wobbling the connection I don't see any movement, so I *think* that the solder between the port and the connection point is whats broken, but due to other things on the PCB I can't get a good look (and it doesn't wobble much, theres 2 connections holding it in place so the other must still be good, probably wobbles maybe 0.5mm either way, but apparently thats enough to cause a disconnect from the pins). It could also be a pad, i'm not 100% sure.

So keeping in mind that I'm a complete begginer, and my limited supplies (I haven't ever soldered anything before, I only have a soldering station and some solder, no flux or any other equipment) what should I try? Should I just stick a soldering iron on the presumably broken joint and get it to hopefully re-solidify in the right way for it to fix my USB port and maintain contact with the pins? I have a small budget for this, $50 AUD if I need to get more supplies, any more then that and i'd rather just get a new DAC as it was just a bit over 100 AUD.

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@sol33t303 if you have never done this before, I suggest you get a couple of old practice boards first. It is not a terribly complicated repair but does require some practice. You do not want to damage the board or rip the traces because of a too cold or even a too hot iron. Even so YouTube can't teach you to solder, but there is at least enough information that may help you to get started on a successful repair. Even guides like this How To Solder and Desolder Connections - iFixit Repair Guide can be helpful. Practice, practice, practice will have the largest impact on a good repair.

Post some pictures of the loose connector etc. with your QUESTION. That way we can see what you see and maybe give you some pointers. Adding images to an existing question - iFixit Repair Guide

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How To Solder and Desolder Connections



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Очень просто

2 - 5 minutes

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you could maybe get it repaired for that price by someone with experience and the other tools, but if you want to try it yourself at least get flux, kingbo will do fine but do not use plumbers flux as its corrosive

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I'd like to try it myself, I have had many devices face similar fates (tends to happen when I drop something while plugged in, phones, controllers, headphones, etc. Or when I otherwise knock it and damage the port) so i'd like to learn how to replace/fix the ports that I break.

If I can't do it with what I have I'll order some flux, a bag of ports and a de-soldering braid as well. I live rurally though and delivery takes a long time.


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