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Ribbon cable connector from the motherboard <- power on switch broken

The damage is as follows:

Block Image

The white part next to the ribbon cable went off of the motherboard after following Step 22 of this guide: PlayStation 3 Teardown

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@thepwrtank18 let's see what the connector on the motherboard looks like. It might be possible to either resolder the one you have or to find a replacement connector. It all will depend on what the damaged area looks like. It is possible that you may have to rebuild some traces or solder pads but it may also be a straight forward solder job. So, post some pictures of the damaged side.

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The "replacement connector" is the entire motherboard.


@thepwrtank18 yes, I know. We need to see the connector (the one on the motherboard) where the ribbon cable connects to. It is not clearly visible to see how bad the damage is. Maybe it can be pushed back on or maybe you need to replace the connector.


Some pins broke off.


@thepwrtank18 you will need to replace it by desoldering the old connector and resoldering a new one. You can try and source on online or get a broken board and harvest the connector from that.


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