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Can I diagnose No TV output using multimeter?

Hi! I have bought a nintendo switch with broken TV output. I was hoping it might be the dock, but the dock is fine. I have also tried different dock and still nothing. I also tried all the tips on the internet, cleaned everything, yada yada and it is probably a hardware issue. The USB port on switch also looks fine with all pins intact I have looked at the USB-C part of the motherboard with descriptions what is what but I am not really sure what can I do at home to narrow the issue. I currently do not have the funds to send it to a repair and i thought I might be able to figure it out. I have pretty decent soldering skills, although no tools for hot air soldering. I might be able to get an oscilloscope. Do you please have any tips for what can I check for continuity etc, or some guide on the internet that I might have overlooked? Many thanks in advance.

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I would say a multimeter is a solid diagnostic investment. And It's definitely possible it could help. I use mine regularly for things like this. You'll want something with pretty fine point leads for the Switch. Or something with replaceable leads. iFixit sells one that's super reasonable, but there are plenty of options around if you don't have one already. My Fluke 115 was a bit more of an investment.

You can use the list of known good diode mode readings at logi.wiki and compare to your Switch to locate any inconsistencies. Even if the port looks good, there are some pins that connect to the board under the connector. Which you also wouldn't be able to test directly with a multimeter. But they lead to the P13 USB/Display chip so you would be able to test the lines that way. Both the port and the P13 chip are regular points of failure for this issue.

To use a multimeter to get these readings, you would need to put it in diode mode. Whatever multimeter you buy, you'll want to check for the symbol in the attached image. Put the red probe on a point on the board that's a known ground, the anchor spots on the charge port, for example. The black probe would go on the spot you're trying to measure.

Block Image

Digital Multimeter Изображение


Digital Multimeter


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Thank you for your answer. I already own a multimeter, but I just didnt want to go full random measuring, because it would not really tell me anything. the logi.wiki looks super helpful though!


It could be bad ports in the Dock. Open it up and check the USB c and hdmi out for any movement or damage.


@kuskus3 Awesome. I wasn't sure based on the question. And I generally assume someone else is going to run into this question at some point that might need more details. Let us know what/if you find anything!


@strongbow I dont think it is the dock. We tried my dock with frieds switch and worked fine. I also tried his dock with my switch and I ahd the same issue, so it is definitely something wrong inside the switch. Havent got to tearing it apart yet, I need to buy some thermal paste and then ill hopefully be able to find what is wrong


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