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Lenovo laptop that was introduced in 2008 which provided users with some newer features at the time while preparing for the next line of Lenovo Laptops. The N500 is a heavier laptop, weighing almost 6 pounds, has a more box-like shape, and was only released in the color black.

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My laptop displays a white screen

my laptop lenovo n500 displays a white screen

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Hi Osama, welcome to the forum. Do you remember if something happened right before the issue started occurring? Was the laptop recently opened or damaged in any way? Please refer to the following service manual page to identify the potential culprit for your laptop blank screen problem.

Also if possible, to see if the system is actually booting as usual, plug an external monitor (switch to 'Extend' or 'duplicate' display mode, depending on your Windows version 'Windows Key + P' key combo should work, otherwise right-click on the desktop and select 'Screen Resolution', then select the chosen display mode from the 'Multiple Displays' dropdown menu); when you have a visual feedback you can also back up your data before going further on with the tests, if needed. meanwhile, if you suspect the screen may be faulty, try the fn+f10 and fn+11 key combos to check if the screen responds at least to the brightness controls

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