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Announced in August 2017, the Galaxy Note8 is the successor to the recalled Galaxy Note7. The Note8 was made available to the public for purchase in September of 2017.

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My note 8 won’t open.

Are parts still available for this?

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@djose what parts are you looking for and what do you mean by "My note 8 won’t open"? Give us more details about what is going on with your Note.


It just stopped working. I was charging it and noticed that it won’t charge anymore. I tried to replace my charge and batteries but neither fixed it. @oldturkey03


@djose okay just to clarify, you replaced your charger and the battery already?


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@djose since you already replaced the charger and the battery I suggest that next you change the SUB PBA, also called the daughter board. That is the circuit board that has the charging port etc. mounted to it. Even so we do not have a guide for this, You can take a look at the teardown Samsung Galaxy Note8 Teardown and it should get you there.

If that should not work either, it's time to take a look at some of the board components. Use this flowchart for that

Block Image

To find the components to check out, use this Component Placement and utilize the search function of your PDF reader. i.e. the flowchart says check L7000, type that into the search function so that your reader will point to it.

If there are parts you are unfamiliar with or something looks odd etc., you can always post pictures with your QUESTION. Just do an edit of your question and use this guide Adding images to an existing question to add images.

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Adding images to an existing question


Очень просто

2 - 5 minutes

Samsung Galaxy Note8 Изображение


Samsung Galaxy Note8 Teardown



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@djose, here's the guide you need for the repair that @oldturkey03 is suggesting.



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