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Model number 9022291415 / 3.2 Megapixel CCD digital camera.

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No image thru the camera,worth fixing?

I can see the tiny flicker in the center of my PowerShot A75, still can't see the image thru the camera and taking black pictures. my other (PowerShot A85) is intermitently taking fuzzy or blurred pictures. Help ?? Are they worth fixing ? I've been told cheaper technology is better now anyway ? Thanks Brad

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This Canon model was among several camera models by several manufactures that had defective sensors. Unfortunately, Canon's free repair of this model ended on December 31, 2011.


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If the pictures you're taking are coming out all black, it sounds like your issue lies somewhere in the lens assembly or the sensor itself. The matter of being "worth fixing" is up to you, since it's difficult to place a monetary value on the environmental impact of manufacturing a new camera and throwing one away.

Now, to climb off my soap box, digital photography technology has taken leaps and bounds, and $150 today will get you a camera that takes better pictures than the digital camera my dad spent $500 on in 2004. Just make sure that you properly dispose of your old one; most stores like Best Buy have E-waste bins at the front of the store.

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