Glorious model O clicks after replacing don't work

Hi, i have Glorious model O for little bit more that 1 year. After good time of playing games, switches started to double click and sometimes it can not hold. It was obvious that switches are worn out and it needs to be replaced. So, i bought original Omron switches, and removed old ones, and soldered a new ones. It was actually working for about 1 hour, after that i realised that switches are not placet all the way to the pcb and that shorten the click travel. So i dissasembled a mouse one more time to fix that, and i heated solder joints and pushed it to the pcb. I assembled everything and yes, click travel was again ok, BUT, when i plugged the USB, some weird things started. First, left click didn't work and right click was left. After re-heating solder on clicks, now only right click works, but left don't. Please help me and sorry for bad english. I might made a bridge somewhere but I checked few times and it doesn't seems to be that.

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