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A series of in-the-field repair instructions for the avid adventurer.

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New To iFixit and Looking for a case or bag to carry my items as I gro

I may not have chosen the correct category, but I'm new to gathering and preparing my tool kit. I have the Pro Tech Toolkit and looking to grow my collection with various tools and items. My question is, I'm looking to have all my tools in one case to carry ex: my cords, chargers, ethernet cords, etc. Are there any suggestions on what I should get to have all these things? I appreciate any help. Thanks!

New To iFixit and Looking for a case or bag to carry my items as I grow

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@jlsosajr Welcome to iFixit. This is what you want to end up with Repair Business Toolkit Since you are already on the way, just add this Pro Tech Movement Module next and keep collecting :-)

The problem with a question like yours is, that there are no real objective answers. Everybody has their own personal favorite. I like the Fluke Pack, somebody else will prefer something different. Since we are graciously hosted by iFixit, it is my opinion that we should recommend their gear. Not just because of the hosting issue, but also because they are having quality tools, accessories and great customer service. It's only fair that we support the one that fights for our rights to repair.

Ultimately, the best pouch/bag/tool will always be the one that works for you and not what we think will work for you :-)


Repair Business Toolkit Изображение


Repair Business Toolkit


Pro Tech Movement Module Изображение


Pro Tech Movement Module


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Thanks for the reply! I appreciate your input. And will look into those two items for purchase.

Thanks again!




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I have two Husky tool bags which I find quite good. There are others! It all gets into the size of the tools and what you service.

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I know this is an old thread, but I wanted to chime in and suggest looking into leather bags as an option for carrying your tools and accessories. One brand that I personally love is vonbaer.com, they have a great selection of leather bags that are both stylish and functional. As a new member of this forum myself, I understand the importance of finding the right tools and accessories to grow your collection. I hope this suggestion helps

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