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The seventh iteration of Apple's iPod Touch, released May 2019. This model comes with up to 256 GB of storage and an A10 processor. Model number A2178.

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Is Wi-Fi antenna same as 5th generation?

I can’t find a replacement antenna for the 7th generation. Will a 5th gen work?

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I’m pretty sure not it isn’t the same part no

The iPod touch is a release of older iPhone components in a newer case for children since the phone parts are out of date, they are put into a new disabled from data services, phone lite practically and so since the iPod touch fifth generation is based on like the fourth iPhone it and the iPod touch seventh generation is based on the iPhone 8. I doubt that they the Wi-Fi chip are the same.

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Hi Brett,

Boy, the websites selling parts seem to be all over the place on this one.

The part that iFixit sells for the 5th gen is part number 821-1673-A. I saw another vendor selling that part number saying it was for both 5th and 6th gen iPods.

One site I found had the 7th gen antenna for sale and the picture of it shows it as part number 821-00218-A.

22699 - FLAT ANTENNA WIFI PER IPOD TOUCH 7a 2019 - Compatibile - 821-00218-A

However, when searching for parts using that number, yet another site that came up showed that part as being for the 6th gen. A seller on AliExpress has that part number being shown in a listing for the 5th gen.

So at this point I don't know what to tell you. Superficially I can't see any physical differences in the two parts, but Apple doesn't just slap a different number on a part for no reason.

Hopefully some of our repair technician contributors can help out here.

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