Dryer blower wheel keeps getting filled with lint?

I have a Ge gtd84ecsnws electric clothes dryer. I have had the dryer for just over a year with no issues. My dryer has recently started having issues. Approximately 1 month ago I had 2 dryer sheets get caught in my blower wheel, thanks to a curious 2 year old. Who shoved them into the slot while I was cleaning the lint trap. I found out, after hearing a progressively louder vibration while it was running. I removed the dryer sheets, and the wheel was otherwise clean. Since getting those removed, I had the sound build again. I found that the blower wheel was covered in lint. I cleaned the blower wheel, and a week later I have again begun hearing the vibration. I have opened it up, and i have once again found the blower wheel covered in lint. Why has this recently become an issue?

The lint screen is cleaned after each load, and is in tact.

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