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Repair and disassembly information for the Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro wireless earbuds.

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Earbuds' microphone stopped working after it fell in a puddle (FIXED)


A week ago I accidentally dropped my Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro in a puddle of water. The audio volume was very low and there was some static as well. I then placed the earbuds in a bag of rice and also let it dry out by my windowsill for about 4 days. In terms of audio output the earbuds are perfectly fine now.

However now the earbuds cannot detect my voice anymore, it seems like the microphone was damaged. I've tried making calls and recording audio but it doesn't pick up my voice unless I place the right bud near my mouth which only faintly picks up my voice. It seems to happen on all devices I use it on so it's definitely an issue with the earbuds. Thing is shouldn't microphone have been fine since the earbud is rated as IP68 water-resistant?

Any solutions would be helpful.

Update (02/18/2023)

So I managed to fix them by simply using a toothbrush and pressing the bristles against the microphone holes. Think they were clogged.

Used this video:


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Rice 🙈 When will people learn rice does not dry out electronics. By leaving it in the miracle substance for four days you've allowed the corrosion process to proceed unhindered. Even if they were under warranty I'd expect Samsung would return them back to you after seeing corrosion inside.


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It is possible that the microphone was damaged during the water exposure even though the earbuds are being rated as water-resistant. While IP68 water-resistance can protect against water damage to a certain extent, but it doesn't guarantee that the device will be completely immune to water damage. In this case, you could try reaching out to Samsung support to see if they offer any warranty or repair options. If not, you may need to consider purchasing a new pair of earbuds. I'm really sorry to hear this because these devices are not cheap, but best of luck!

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