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The first-generation Kia Rio (referred to as the "DC") was offered in both four-door sedan and five-door station wagon body styles.

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How to reset ecu after changing fuel pump?

After I change fuel pump, the fuel pump not working. Something like the relay not trigger while the key at on position..

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You shouldn't have to reset the ecm after changing the fuel pump. Did you check the fuel pump fuse? The fuel pump relay? Did you verify that you have power going to the fuel pump? Did you check the ground at the fuel pump? I would get a wiring schematic and a voltmeter or a test light and check these items. The ecm doesn't need to be reset so you have a different problem and you could have gotten a defective fuel pump so you need to verify that you have power and ground at the fuel pump. And the fuel pump will only turn on for 2 seconds when you turn the key on just to prime the line after that it will turn on after you get oil pressure when you crank the car over and after it starts.

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I've check the fuel pump relay, fuse and the wiring. All the item is in good condition.


Check for pressure with a gauge


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