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The Asus VC239H is an entry-level IPS monitor. Supports 1920x1080 resolution (full HD). First available on Amazon in 2015. Model number: VC239H.

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Backlight turns on in standby, and turns off then starts again

Hi, on my screen the backlight goes on during sleep, then goes off, then starts again, Asus made me do the hard reset but didn't work.

Here's the thing, while it's in standby, the panel turns on, but no display, just the panel glowing, then turns off again.

No problem to wake up, other than that it works normally.

Tested on my Windows 10 pc and a Mac mini.


on the image: from top to bottom, standby screen off, backlight on, blue screen no signal, standby screen off (and a few minutes later it starts again)

Block Image

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@yeantbron That looks like a signal issue. try a different video input source for this monitor and see if it behaves different. If it does not, it is your computer settings. If the monitor does behave the same on a different video input, it's time to open it up and check the main board. Try a different input cable as well (if you are using HDMI input)

Block Image

Key board refers to the ribbon cable from the button bar to the main board. Careful so you do not tear it. The VC and the S should come apart very similar. Check this video for more info on how to get into it.

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Hi and thank you, it does on a windows pc, and a mac mini m1, 2 different inputs.

it didn't do it before, happened suddenly.


@yeantbron You are connecting via HDMI? Tried a different cable? If you do not connect via HDMI, it's time to open it up and to take a look at the main board.


mac mini on hdmi, windows on dvi.

what to look for on the mainboard?


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