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Third generation of iPad, featuring 4G capabilities, released on March 16, 2012. Model number A1430. Repairs require heat and careful prying.

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Ipad 3 distorted crackling static noise when trying to play ANY sound.

Ok so I got an Ipad 3 3g (A1430) for repair I changed the battery and the speaker because it wouldn't make any noise when trying youtube or notification sounds, I was testing all new components, the battery its ok but the speaker would only play static while trying any type of sound, I recorded how it sounds and have the video here: https://www.youtube.com/shorts/2fLYcFgrG...
I already returned the new speaker but I'm wondering if it was a bad replacement or is it something else on the logic board.

Thank you!

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Visually inspect the socket on the logic board and look for discoloration or bends on any of the pins. From your description, the speaker is receiving power properly, so the problem is improper data transfer at either a pin on the connector, or in the speaker wire itself. A new speaker will certainly confirm the issue. A new logic board is always an option, but may cause home button pairing issues.

iPad 3 4G Logic Board Изображение


iPad 3 4G Logic Board


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