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Repair and disassembly information for the Samsung Galaxy Note20 Ultra Android smartphone. Released in August of 2020.

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Re-sealing the back cover of the phone after opening

What does the factory water resistant do that we couldn't do it?

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Hi @bikemivie

If you think that you can re-seal a phone to IP68 standards well done to you.

Firstly, you would probably need a dust free, controlled environment to do it, which most DIY'ers haven't got.

Also the manufacturer is starting with a brand new phone e.g. no bends in the frame or slight imperfections (cracks?) etc introduced after purchase and through normal use by the user (phone dropped perhaps?) and the phone is sitting in a jig holding it perfectly level and rigid.

Question is would you subject it to and then guarantee that it would initially pass the same tests as required by the IP68 standard to make sure that it is water and dust proof, like the manufacturer has to, so that they can state that it has the rating?

I think probably not as it would an expensive mistake if you're wrong and if you don't then you'll never know ;-).

Just what I think

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I don't even trust the IP rating once I take the phone out of the box; it's insurance, not a license to take the phone into the pool (unless you can afford to burn the phone, most can't). If you repair the phone, it's just gone; you're not getting it back; I don't even try and save it when I work on a phone where you don't need adhesive because of that. I wouldn't even take the chance on an Apple Watch, for example. If I go in the pool, it comes off.

On used phones, I also assume it is void; a lot of people will flip them after a screen repair which again, VOIDS IT because you opened the phone. I have done the repairs too, providing I can get the price down to match the cost for that phone (ex: For a P6a, I need it to be at sub $100; $80 or less due to the parts cost, $100; if I can't get it down that low, I'm paying retail for a phone which is a gamble with a voided IP rating; my price paid on the unit matches that).

If the manufacturer will void my warranty for it, I'm not playing the LD lottery.

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