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Won't go past the Nintendo joycon icon

The issue started when I got a charging error message while attempting to charge without the official charger. It asked to reboot, I did but the system won't go past the Nintendo and Joycon icon logos; the screen remains black.

I brought an official charger, tried cleaning the USB port on the switch, docking the system, removing joycons, sd card and game card, and hard rebooting by holding the power button for 15-30 seconds. I even tried different button combinations for the hard reset (power button & +/- volume buttons, power & - button, power & + button, power & home on Joycon).

I've left the switch on the charger and now it shows a full green battery icon but still won't turn on. Any help is appreciated!

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some charging errors are caused by m92t36, i would say your switch is trying to turn on with the power remaining in your battery and there isnt enough to fully boot. i think you will need to have m92 replaced

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Thank you so much! I'll look into that moving forward!


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