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Can I get around carrier lock?

So I spent quite a bit of money buying this note from a guy on marketplace. I turned it on and notices it was through ATT. tried getting unlock codes but they said there's a balance still owed on this device. I've tried looking EVERYWHERE online to no avail. Is there anything I can do to get around this and unlock the phone?

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imeigurus could probably change the imei number for you, i have used them before for previous issues. https://www.imeigurus.com/collections/bl...

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@therealjonboy, Unfortunately, it sounds like the person that sold you this phone, had bought it using a payment plan from ATT, but decided to sell it on without fulfilling the payments.

Technically, ATT still owns the phone because the buyer hasn’t completed the payment plan :( Unscrupulous people do that sometimes, and it’s really no legal way around the carrier lock. You could return the phone (I think Marketplace offers that, but FB Marketplace work totally different here in Norway as opposed to the US) to the seller, or you can pay the amount due / owed on the phone, to get the unlock code from ATT. This sucks, for sure.

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It'll get blocked eventually


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