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SSD screwhead broke off while screw still inside


I accidentally broke the top of the SSD screw when trying to screw it in, however the screw is still stuck in the hole.

Any idea how to get it out thank you!

Block Image

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@raxy very small drill on a Dremel like tool and then use something like a small screw extractor kit (left hand drill etc.) Or you could try to use a Dremel to cut a slot into the screw and use a regular slotted screwdriver to remove it.

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Can you recommend somewhere k can buy a Dremel, but also if I do that will it not leave metal shavings in my laptop?


@raxy luckily there won't be all that many shavings. A small vacuum cleaner will get rid of those after. I am not sure where you are located but you can get those pretty much at any hardware, home improvement and even Walmart has them. It does not have to be a Dremel but a dremel like tool. Don't spend a lot of money if you only use tools every now and then. No reason to be wasteful. You know what, I just thought of something. Again, depends on where you are. Try a jewelry store. those guys are really good in working with small metallic objects and some of them are really, really helpful. If they can't do it, they may have more ideas.


I'm in the UK unfortunately and I don't know much about Dremel or Dremel like tools lol. Thanks for the help though.

Edit: regarding jewelry store do you mean to take my laptop there or hire a Dremel like tool?


@raxy what you have plenty off are repair cafe's. I am not sure where in the UK you are but check on here for some ideas of where they are. https://www.repaircafe.org/en/ Also, you have tool libraries in the major cities. You can probably find a dremel like tool, its called a handheld rotary power tool. I mean to physically take the laptop to the jeweler and say "look at it and see if you can help" I dealt with a few over here who have been incredible. Best are the mom and pop stores. Now, if you have watchmakers near by, you are in even better company. Anyhow, I guess all I am saying is "think outside the box" there are lots of people that can help. Remember:

Repair is War on Entropy


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