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Repair guides and information for the Nintendo Switch Joy-Con controllers.

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My right joycon is not recognized horizontally


Both of my right joycons cannot be used horizontally AND their sync light does not work. They do work fine when used vertically (either docked or wireless), but just cannot be used horizontally. Any idea what I could do?

Thank you!


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It could be that a connection is loose inside of the controller. The accelerometer might also have a short causing it to short when turned on it’s side. I hope that will help you. 🙃

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Thanks! I've ordered a screwdriver to try and clean the connection, and possibly check if anything got loose.


So when i open the controller and use some contact cleaner, it partially works, from time to time. But not when it's close. So some connection is loose. Both controllers that have this issue are right controllers and still charge. I'm trying to figure out what exactly couod be wrong.


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