doesn't charge or power on

Have a gravastar mars bluetooth speaker that when plugged into USB it doesn't recognise charge or powers on, not sure if battery fault tried to open it but can't reach the battery

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Has this always been the case or was it working before? Are you using the original cable and original adapter that came with the unit? Older USB ports can be rated at an Amp or 500mA, which will be rejected by many modern devices. Cables are increasingly being encoded with chip resistors, etc. Is the port on the speaker a USB-C or micro-B? Can you measure a battery voltage at any point? Can you see any electrolytic capacitors bulging / leaking? When was the unit built? Switch continuity measures okay?


PRTV MEDIA post some good pictures of your speaker with your question. You will hgave to edit the question to do so Adding images to an existing question let's see if we can't get into it to check the charging port as well as the battery location etc. Include pictures of any labels/company stickers etc, with that.


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