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Error Code: 2002-4687 - what this stands for?

Hi, my console from this morning started to display the error 2002-4687. This requires restart of console.

Block Image

But that did not help. I've tried to remove SD card and game cartridge, and try again with same result. The error also was showed in the Factory Reset menu (after press and hold power and both volume buttons) but not always. I've managed to select factory reset, but the process is stuck on "Restoring factory settings..." and I just gave up after 2h of that.

Do you know the exact description of 2002-4687? For what I suspect this rather has something to do with the internal console memory.

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on the Nintendo customer support site, it says it is a issue with the microSD card

do you have another microSD card made for/supports the switch? (usually have a power up from Mario games on them if they are made for Nintendo consoles) that you could test if my theory is correct?

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There are similar ones but not this error code, but you are right in that part - all of them are regarding the corrupted memory. This exact code is not listed on Nintendo code. I've reached their support but all what they did is they told me to check the sd card data corruption from Nintendo menu, but the problem is I cannot enter the menu, because error is shown just after the Nintendo Switch logo when console boots up. The same result is with, or without SD card inserted. After I explained them that this is impossible, they requested video with the proof ;)

From my perspective it seems like corrupted internal eMMC storage, I've took apart the console, and unplug the memory, but console won't boot up without that ... I've took the long shot and ordered a spare emmc memory part.


that's actually what i would have recommended you do, so your in the right direction, just be careful and don't break any connectors bc its a nightmare to try to fix


@timtomissus thank you ;)

btw I've found some site with I guess custom firmwares for Nintendo Switch... the post is dated (2019) but the error code the guy have is very similar to mine, and the behavior is the same:


What bothers me is that the guy clearly was messing with the firmware, what I did I was just using my switch - played "divinity original sin 2", then left switch on shelf, and after a day tries to unlock console, but just after I've unlocked - bam - the error message.


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