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Joy con not showing connected when attached

I suspect the left rail is bad, I have ordered replacements, but thought I'd ask for opinion. The console does not detect the joycon has been attached to the console itself. Also figured out, it will not power on if the left joycon is attached(which is the bad rail, atleast I believe so).

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I had this exact problem a month or so ago. It's almost definitely the rail, but if you have another switch or joycon it wouldn't hurt to check

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I bought a new pair of joycons thinking maybe one/both was going bad but it had the same issue. I also noticed a little that if I don't fully slide it down and carefully leave it in a certain spot it will charge the joycon with the bad rail.


It's definitely the rail then. Be careful taking out its screws, and in case they won't move, a piece of cloth worked a lot better than a rubber band for me


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Check the vey bottom of the rail for dust, dirt or even corrosion. These have been know to stop them connecting. Clean it out if you find any then try it.

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