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The current line of iPod touch comprises seven (7) different generations.

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Ease of taking apart a 2nd generation iPod touch?

I've taken apart a first generation before, but it was *really* difficult. The guides make it look like the second generation is easier to take apart. Is this true?

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I'd venture to say that it is a bit more difficult than the first generation because the first generation's front panel extends partway down the edge of the iPod. On the second generation, the front panel sits flush in a pocket machined into the rear case. The tolerances between the rear case and the front panel are very tight due to a fragile rubber strip around its perimeter to seal the inside from debris. To get the front panel off you have to carefully pry between this strip and the outer case, and the strip is easily damaged during this process. You must also take care not to accidentally pry against the display, as it is extremely fragile. My advice: take your time! work as slowly as possible and buy a bunch of spare iPod opening tools. Once you're inside, it's a pretty easy device to disassemble.

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I got into one two days ago and I know of no way to avoid tearing up the rubber seal around the video. I used a single sided razor blade to get it started and plastic toothpicks to wedge it. Personally I don't really want to do another one.

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no wonder why they gave me a new one when i had my logicboard fail


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Neither 1st nor 2nd generations seem very easy. However, the "only" problem I had while opening 1st generations is a little minor bending of the case on a couple when I first tried it, and I broke a headphone jack once (now I'm more careful!) but both of the 2nd generations I managed to shatter the digitizers. One while opening it, and one while closing it. So I'm of the strong opinion that while not easy, 1st generations are easy-ER than 2nd :) I don't ever, ever, ever want to touch another 2nd generation iPod unless it's in perfect condition lol :)

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