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Model: C11CD10201 Print/Copy/Scan/Fax Auto Document Feeder Will print on both sides of page Wifi / Inkjet

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phantom jams on Epson ecotank

I actually have an ecotank 2000 series.. my printers computer doesn't want to allow printing on anything other that regular paper. If i try photopapper it feeds halfway then " paper jam" but it isnt. If i tell the printer it is printing on regular paper, it will print on the photopaper.. but the quality isnt there. Ive tried reinstalling the driver sand uninstalling and reinstalling my printer, making sure the printer wasnt plugged into a surge protector, and unplugging it and leaving it set overnight .. nothing works..

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Do you have the proper driver?

If you let it install from windows you can have a generic driver which gives you fewer options.
Go to Epsons webpage for the printer and download the specific driver.

If it's just started happening on an older printer where it's worked before. You might want to check the rear feed for dust/wear on the rubber feed rollers by looking down the paper path.

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