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The larger of Apple's MacBook Air laptops featuring dual microphones and 802.11ac Wi-Fi connectivity.

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Battery & diagnostics errors as well as high kernal_task process

In my case it was clearly a battery issue. There were not many cycles left... anyways I didn't change the battery yet, I kept the laptop plugged to the power supply and this issue disappeared. I know that the time is ticking though....

Update (03/01/2023)

Hi again! I changed the battery, did a SMC Reset but the issue is still present...diagnostics gives me back the same messages (pfm006 and ppn001). I finished calibrating the battery in the meantime, but I really don't know now how could I solve this.

Here the pics of coconut battery and iStat...

Disk Utility reported the ssd is fine, but I always keep seeing that keemel_task that is eating CPU.

Anyways many thanks indeed for any lead...🙏🙏

Block Image

Block Image

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This is starting to look like a liquid spill issue as well.

This will require a deeper inspection of the logic board, follow this guide to take it out MacBook Air 13" Mid 2013 Logic Board Replacement what we need to focus on is the back side around the Purple marked chip

Block Image

This is the SMC chip look for corrosion as well as any spillage which passed though the keyboard or trackpad.

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Martina Bertoni - Did you resolve your problem based on the other question comment?


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