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What would I need to replace capacitor C9560 causing kernel panics

okay so i have a mid 2010 macbook pro with the infamous 330m kernel panic caused by the C9560 capacitor, i want to fix this but ive NEVER soldered in my life or know how to. what tools would i need to replace the capacitor/

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@reiseninaba you would at minimum need

1) fine tipped tweezers

2) hot air rework station (plus hot tweezers work great for this)

3) Amtech or Clone flux

4) Solder wire

I like to use AMTECH VS-213-A-TF Flux and 60% Tin, 40% Lead solder.

and then you need lots of practice. No matter how many YouTube videos you watch or guides you read Soldering Skills - iFixit none of it will be a substitute for practice. You do not want to practice on the board you want to fix. Get yourself a couple of scrap board with SMD components and practice on those. You have to comfortable and competent to accomplish this. A1286 820 2850 Kernel Panic Repair - YouTube and Macbook Pro 2010 kernel panic GPU issue repair: SOLVED! C9560 - YouTube

Yes, a magnifying source will be great for this as well but that does not necessarily require a microscope. ;-)

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I have done some soldering with hot air gun so should be ok to do this. However, as I am not an engineer I would really appreciate if someone could help me confirm that the below is the correct capacitor for my computer:

MacBook Pro mid 2010, logic board 820-2850-A, capacitor C9560.

Would this capacitor work? I have read some comment on the ESR resistance and voltage but I think it needs to be 2 volts but not sure of what the correct ESR resistance should be?

"EEFLT0D331R - Tantalum Capacitor 330uF 2V 20% 6mOhm, Panasonic" Will this work please?


@macbookbro16457 yes, that capacitor will work for this. The ESR resistance in this case, is negligible. speaking of case. You do see that the capacitor is in a B2 package. Just making sure :-)


Thanks for the feedback and that it could work. With regards to "B2 package", you mean this is what the original is sized as whereas the one I am looking at is larger? I am hoping to fit a larger one so that there is a greater chance of a longer term repair. I also like that the Panasonic one I referred to has two ground terminals so I will not need to scrape in the board to get a connection with a larger capacitor.

I have a concern that it will end up lying over a test point but hoping it will not touch it...


@macbookbro16457 That is really the only thing you have to be careful with. Most of the packages might have a little overlap, but for as long as they do not make contact with other components (or TP), it'll be okay.


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