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The Galaxy A12 is a low-end slate Android smartphone released by Samsung in November 2020 as a successor to the Samsung Galaxy A11. Identifiable by model number SM-A125 (followed by version/carrier-specific character.

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A12 Screen wont turn on but it vibrates

My phone screen had recently broken so I purchased a replacement screen and had to take out and put back the entire phone (as I mistakenly got one without the frame) after it did turn on and was working, however, I noticed that the selfie camera was blurry so opened it up again to investigate, after that, I put the covers back and now it won't turn on, however, I can feel very often vibrations upon holding the power button. I have already tried to do resets, hold down the volume buttons, etc. Any help will be greatly appreciated

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Hi @aymenhussain

Check that the LCD display flex cable is securely connected to the motherboard.

Here's an image from the Galaxy A12 service manual showing the Power On troubleshooting flowchart where I've highlighted where the problem may be.

Block Image

(click on image)

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not working 😞😞



When you first turn on the phone does the Power On sound or vibrate motor operate OK?

If not you may have to replace the display assembly.


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