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Why my oil indicator light not coming on

Why my oil indicator light not coming on when my ignition is on on(11)

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Hi @drsholestol,

What is the model year and engine size of the vehicle (4 cyl or V6)?


Year 2004 and engine size is V6


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Hi @drsholestal

Here's an image that shows how to enter the diagnostic test for the gauges and warning lights in the instrument cluster panel. This is just to check if the oil pressure warning light is OK or not.

Block Image

(click on image)

To exit the diagnostic mode turn off the ignition key.

If the warning light is OK here's how to check if the engine's oil pressure switch is OK or not

With the engine off, remove the wire plug from the oil pressure switch and then check if there is an earth on the switch. (connect an Ohmmeter between the switch connector and the engine frame. It should measure 0.00 Ohms)

If there is an earth on the switch you will have to chase the wiring back to the instrument panel

If there is no earth, either clean the switch connector then reconnect the cable plug and check the warning light again and if still no good replace the switch.

If after you have replaced the pressure switch, if the warning light then doesn't go out, check if there is no earth on the switch when the engine is running. Be safety aware as the engine is running!

If the switch fails to operate check the oil level is OK. If the oil level is OK, check the oil pressure is OK. If the oil pressure is OK replace the switch.

Here's a video that may help (maybe not) to find the oil pressure switch, as I couldn't find one for your year model but hopefully it will be similar.

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When you first put in the key and turn it to the ON position, virtually all modern cars run a bulb check on the dashboard; i.e., all the indicators in the dash should come on for a moment then go back off. Pay attention to the oil pressure indicator bulb; if it doesn't come on momentarily when all the rest of the bulbs do, then chances are the bulb has burned out and needs to be replaced.

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