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legion y540 won't boot after factory reset (including novo)

legion y540 won't boot after factory reset (including novo)

can't get into bios or system recovery (via novo)

what options are left?

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What was the problem, to start with, that required a factory reset?


It all started with my son (his laptop) was watching a YouTube video then he says is bug checks (bsod) and when it reboots it bug checks again so he tried to downgrade win11 to win10 ---after which it won't boot into OS - it just shows Legion screen and stays there. I tried to factory reset it and I can't get into bios after that (it shows command line for a few seconds then blank screen) ---no boot at all. Tried Novo reset and it fails too. Thoughts


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You will need to reset the BIOS by disconnecting the CMOS battery.

Download the service manual and get your small screw drivers ready.

Lenovo Legion Y540-17IRH Service Manual

Once the case is open disconnect the main battery as shown on page 37. What you need to do next is hard reset the BIOS by disconnecting the CMOS battery as shown on page 38 of the service manual under "Remove the coin-cell battery". Press the laptop's power button to dischage any latent power. Reconnect the "coin" battery and the main battery, close the case and power-up. You should be able to get into the BIOS screen by the normal method.

You will probably have to reinstall Windows by down loading the installer onto a USB flash drive. Microsoft can help here or my choice use Rufus v3.22 to make the bootable drive. The Window's installer has an option the save data files. It may or may not be important to your son.

Please don't hesitate to ask if you have any questions

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