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How do I make sure my Logic board is the problem here?

I plug my puter in. The light on the magsafe stays red. my battery charges and the area behind the battery(under the logic board) gets extremely hot. I push the power button and can hear the super drive engage and fans. There is no mac startup sound, the caps lock light does not turn on the screen is black, the sound keys make no sounds. I have been searching for the same syptoms on these forums and can't find any that are particularly similar. Can anyone offer any advice?

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you should try and reset the SMC and PRAM

to reset the PRAM, you need to press the power button to turn it off or restart it to do this

then press command, option, P and R together while it boots

resetting SMC


if you have further issues, update with your findings

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Tried both resets to no avail. Any other suggestions to rule out the logic board as the problem? Or advise on where I could get a logic board for a reasonable price if it is the problem?

Thanx, Nick


wow. I emailed a local computer repair place (The Computer Room in Ithaca NY) and they told me my mbp was under an nvidea recall up to 4 years from date of purchase (only 2 months left for mine) he also told me Apple in obligated to send me an overnight box for the repair. They sent it after about an hour of holding and speaking again and again with the wrong representatives. they replaced my logic board and got it back to me the next day. Thank you Computer Room dude!


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The superdrive CD ROM/DVD drive won't spin if there is no disk in it, you probably hear the hard disk drive spin up. It's the motherboard alright. Can be replaced (costly) or repaired by an expert who is familiar with these. Some Dells (Latitude D630) do the exact same thing but startup, just with whacked out video or none at all, internal or external. Macs check (at startup) memory and other vitals and you don't get the startup chime if all isn't well. PCs don't do anywhere near as thorough pre-flight check so they startup but are still perfectly unusable.

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