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Can I use my Chrysler/dodge VES headphones elsewhere?

I have a set of Chrysler/Dodge VES bluetooth headphones that work with the car's entertainment system.

It seems like a giant waste to only be able to use it in the car - is there any way I can adapt them to use with my TV or computer? Perhaps with a bluetooth adpater

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Oh yes, and i don't know if they're infrared or bluetooth. I'm guessing infrared


they are not infrared...you just have to know what frequency they work on...


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I do believe that they are IR, not bluetooth. You can only use them if you have the sending IR unit. It looks like that even the different Chrysler vehicles have different frequencies, so you would have to find out from what model they came from. To use it with anything else, you would need to find something that matches the frequency of the headphones; could be tough. Good Luck..

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Can I connect with my phone


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Hey there - According to these two website where I bought my Chrysler Town and Country headphones the IR headphones can only be used in cars (they are not bluetooth so they can not be synced with other wireless applications).




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depending on the year they receive a frequency not or are RF not Bluetooth and not IR... so if you have something that broadcast at the right frequency you can use them

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