Can somebody please help me explain the part name

Block Image

Block Image

I have a broken part that needs to he replaced

The name on the board is described as jhdd1 its the jacket where to sata goes in

Block Image

Updaten (04/22/23)

Here more photos as promised

Update (04/22/23)

sorry i made a mistake here the images edit: well they not display here look at upper page on my post

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@marcos123 do you have a number for the complete motherboard? Let us know what that is. You are looking for a ribbon connector. If we know what board this is we might just have a better answer for you


I have this information. Its a lenovo legion y540-15irh-pgo

Model name 81SY

Where can i find the mother board number?.

The jackets length is 9 mm

I have added 2 more photos maybe it helps


More photos i apreciate the help really sorry if i am to noob to provide the info of the motherboard number. Maybe i find it tomorow


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