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Unable to obtain Verizon 3G signal

I have a Verizon iPhone 4s that cannot receive a 3G signal. I do see the bars, the Verizon wording, and roaming "O" symbol. I am pretty confident the area I live is has a good signal.

Problem occurred after I replaced the digitizer. I made sure everything was connected and in place prior to powering it up.

I verified the pressure contact was cleaned prior to installing it. I also swapped out a pressure contact from a functional iPhone. Still wasn't able to pick up a 3G signal.

Can anyone advise on next steps to troubleshoot? E.g. Reset all settings perhaps? Upgrade iOs?

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You might want to try this:

1. Save everything on your phone not through a backup (Write a list of apps, sync notes, contacts, etc. through iCould and save photos/videos on your computer)

2. Restore with the latest software

3. Put everything on the iPhone, not from a backup (download apps, setup iCloud, and put the photos/videos on the phone.

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