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How to enable your Touch ID when it is unabled

How to enable my Touch ID when it is unabled

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So what happened with your phone when the Touch ID stopped working? Was there some sort of damage from a drop, or liquid damage, or screen replacement that happened when the issue with the home button started?

I'm afraid I don't have encouraging news for you. There isn't really any kind of enable/disable control for the Touch ID; it either works or it doesn't. When it fails, it's most commonly because of damage during a screen replacement, but there are other causes as well.

The thing is, it isn't possible to restore the function once it's been lost. You can replace the home button, but the Touch ID function can only be restored by Apple. The only way I know of to get the function back is to have the screen replaced by an Apple authorized service center. When they replace the screen it will come with a new home button and they'll do the pairing so that Touch ID will be functional.

There are some repairs that can be done; for instance a damaged flex cable may be able to be replaced or repaired by a sufficiently skilled technician who has expertise in microsoldering and has the right equipment, but you'll have to find a reputable repair shop.

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