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Backlight ic repair after water damage

So i have a iphone 4s to fix and i have tried every low level fix i can think of.After installing a new lcd found the display was dim. Understanding that the iphone 4 and the 4s are the same display.Does this also mean that they are the same chips??????Meaning ic and coil because there are plenty on iphone 4 ic and coils but not the 4s.Please help thank you for your time.

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We sell the iPhone 4s backlight repair IC. There is a link on my profile for the website.

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cyberdoctor, if you have a better answer post it. BTW - the youtube video you posted is really poor and explains nothing. Please remove your comment as I find it offensive and a sad way to try to do business. Let's keep this positive.


@osvaldo, I deleted the comment made by cyberdoctormd. I did this to ensure that we all maintain some sort of professionalism and refrain from name calling and finger pointing. The comment made by that person did not add anything to the question asked. Thank you for agreeing and for speaking up...:-)


answer to osvaldo,

I have three problems with Adrian Woodward

he start it,

because I sell the same signal blue coil for iphone 4G on ebay for only 1/3 of his listed price.

So he purposely purchases the item on ebay from my ebay 4 times with the intention to leave me 4 negative feedbacks on ebay. Which he did, knowing there is no way to track mail internationally. I was not only victim he pulled the same dirty trick on. other ebay sellers selling the same product as he did, so he leave enough negative feedback to ruin their rating as a seller. You tell me if that’s a professional way to do business. pretty sure it is not legal.

we have a small "I hate Adrian Woodward " club from ebay

Problem number 2

I done a little research he is selling online unregistered illegally in UK for years.

Problem number 3

What I posted before here and on youtube is the truth, it is not offensive.

It is offensive when someone selling the wrong product a secondary backup diode for home button and advertised as for backlight ic? You tell me I find that offensive. Imagine you paid 20$ and 2 hours of hard work only to find out you broke home button and didn’t fix the backlight at all. Well…I tried to warning people.

For these reasons this post is relevant to the first question ask above.


@cyberdoctormd, you can keep your "I hate Adrian Woodward " club on ebay. This site here is to help people with their devices and repair, not to pedal commercial goods. Adrian Woodward, as well as cyberdoctormd, are both commercial sites, and both are just marginally answering questions. Personally, I believe that either one of you is coming close to spamming. Your issues with another vendor are of no relevance to any answer, resolve it amongst yourself. Furthermore, you can not post an answer to osvaldo, since his is not a question. So your answer is, at best, a comment.


stay away from adrian woodward, scammer alert!!

he is a scammer and his website is a scam. i ordered 10 backlight coils from his website and i didnt receive anything.

he also claims to be a certified apple techinican, this is also a lie. this is a warning to everybody

my credit card got charged 105.50$ and i didnt receive any items!!

stay away stay away stay away


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You can get the iphone 4GS backlight Coil and backlight IC chip from here

Block Image


youtube video on how to change the backlight coil to fix the backlight


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The iphone 4s has a backlight coil and a backlight ic. if you have had water damage, then it would have caused a shortage in the mother board and would have burned out the coil and ic. in this case the chance of you replacing it is very slim because it is very complicated and even if you do manage to fix it, it would be very hard to get it to work because chances are that just when you opened that case of the phone, it broke something else that needed a secure connection. The point is, hire someone to do it because you will break your phone even more.

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