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After a two-year hiatus, the model-year 2005 Sportage returned, sharing its Elantra-based platform with the 2005 Hyundai Tucson.

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Car wont start (not enough power in the motor)

the car wont start, it has a new battery, it has gaz and my oil is clean. Car stalls when it starts, almost like the pistons don't have enough force. It has been left for 6 month in the winter without being started

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@jonathaninger "Car stalls when it starts" so it does fire up or does it just crank over? Does it crank over fast enough? Turn your headlights on and crank it over. Do your headlights go dim?


It does does not fire up and it feels like its missing the power to push the pistons, the headlights turn on as well as the dashboard but i think that's just the fully charged battery that is doing most of the work


@jonathaninger do the lights go dim when you try to start the engine? I am looking for an issue with either ground or the starter. Does it crank over fast enough or is it "sluggish" Do you have sparks on the plugs when you crank the engine over?


The engine is very sluggish, and the lights just close when the engine starts, but they work when powered by only the battery


@jonathaninger "and the lights just close when the engine starts" you are drawing a lot of power. Try to boost the battery with another vehicle and start it. If it cranks over better, you know it is your battery. If it still does not, you need to check the wiring from the battery to the ground of the chassis and to your starter. Check for corrosion etc.


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Try charging your battery.

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