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Released May 2004. Identified by model number T42 of the ThinkPad T40 series.

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Why won't it start?

My TP42 won't start either. The fan starts and two LEDs, Power and Battery are on. ThinkLight is working but the screen won't work and neither Caps Lock. The DVD drive is working, but it is useless without the screen working.

Any ideas?

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i am having the same problem i tried the external screen but it doesnt work same result am getting only the fan works along with the battery indicator and the symbol (z) please i need help


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You should be able to hook it up to an external monitor before starting up, which should show any errors for startup....... ( assuming you don't hear any beeps etc).

This would be a starting point. Booting from a Linux CD might be a good test for external display depending on how the BIOS and OS is currently setup....... even if no external display is handy most people know a friend etc that has one you could use for a few min.

It sounds like the inverter or the screen is bad........ most of the time on the T40 and T60 series models i have worked on over the years the inverter had gone bad and on these models it's pretty easy and inexpensive to replace.

( If you hold a flashlight up to the screen and you can see faint text that would be a safe bet for the inverter)

As far as caps lock button not working i would wait until the other issues are fixable....... if they are, entire replacement keyboards can be found at a low price on places like eBay..... keyboard replacement is also easy to do as long as care is taken attaching the ribbon cable.

What ever parts you end up ordering, most places, esp. ebay are usually helpful in ensuring you are ordering the correct part before buying it, opting for a US based seller accepting returns is a good idea for this kind of stuff.

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My IBM ThinkPad T42 beeps and the screen doesn't turn on.


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The video card tends to go out on these. Replacing the motherboard is the main solution to that, though there is also success with heating the motherboard so that the solder connecting the card to the board will reflow and make the connection again...


...and when that is the problem, there will be nothing showing up on an external display, either..

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