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It connects but doesn't gives a sound

When i connected it to a different devices it just doesn't make a sound at all

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First check the volume. You said nothing comes out. Make sure the volume level on both the speaker or the connected device are at what would normally be a low audible level and that neither has been automatically muted or turned down during pairing. Often times devices will be programmed to do that to protect themselves and the connecting speakers when being paired with a significant volume level still active. Second, check that it’s in the right Mode. There are a few modes to choose from including; Bluetooth, FM radio, TF card (micro SD) and auxiliary. If it’s in Aux, you won’t be able to hear anything via Bluetooth, etc. the Mode button is the “M”. Also check the “EQ” button on the speaker. There are a few settings for this, three I believe. Probably “Concert, vocal,” and probably “bass” or something similar, and they each have their own equalization and volume levels. This can make it seem as though nothing is coming out if what you’re trying to listen to is primarily higher frequencies or primarily lower frequencies, depending upon what setting you’re on.

After that, think about whether the speaker has taken any jarring impacts from dropping or something similar. I just did that to mine actually, now I’m getting ready to open mine to look for any loose connections. You might also have to do the same. If it suddenly stopped making any noise, then an impact or something else that could cause a wire to separate or disconnect is a good possibility. If nothing like that comes to mind, or you’ve never actually used the speaker before, then consider either resetting the firmware or possibly updating it. As my speaker was definitely dropped, and definitely sounded better before than after, I know firmware isn’t my culprit and thus won’t solve my problem. That’s also why I don’t know anything about the process necessary to reset or update this particular speaker, however, I find checking the manufacturer’s website for an owner’s guide to be a good place to start. There’s also YouTube. Reset only if updating doesn’t help, or if you bought second hand and want to clear the cache/user log. Some devices allow for only clearing the cache, which can sometimes help these kind of issues, too. And that’s all I got for you, I hope one of those helped. Good luck and feel free to reach out if you still need assistance.

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