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The Samsung Galaxy A53 5G Is a Mid-Tier phone released by Samsung on March 17, 2021

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Moisture detected warning not going away.

About a month a go a baby spilled a unknown oil on my type c charging cord. I was able to clean out the port but that didn't work after I replaced the sister board on the bottom but it would keep coming back. After I was able to find a oem replacement and that kept the phone working for a while I also replaced the ribbon cable that connects the 2 boards together. I have kept the phone away from all moisture possible and resealed it. Yesterday my phone died on me and now it is unable to charge at all. The software was up to date and there cant possibly be any moisture anywhere. Any solutions to this? at this point I'm sure its some ultra sensitive sensor somewhere in the phone that is bricking up my phone.

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daughter board has to be a genuine samsung part as they have sensors


It was replaced with a genuine one off a donor phone.


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I now think its some software issue because after playing a game of perfectly plugging in the charger after the phone booted up at 0% I got it to start charging.

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