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another iMac G3 not starting up.

So, how it happened was that it just went to sleep and just never woke up.

Just like that. Nothing popped, nothing was touched. Just dead.

When attempting to turn on it signals a split second of life but it's just the sound and flash of a LED.

Maybe I haven't looked clearly across the internet. But I have replaced the PRAM battery.

Also this is my first time posting.

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Review this guide iMac G3 Model M4984 Power Supply Replacement inspect the electrolytic capacitors for bulging and leakage.

Use extreme care as the caps pack a lot of power which can hurt you!

Reference: Capacitor plague

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I'm more scared of beginners near the flyback. That WILL get you if you aren't careful.


@nick - If you follow the guide you won’t be near it.


hey, i know this is stupid but does this work on the model i listed or is there another guide somewhere? and if not is there somewhere i can send it to? (being aware that apple does not support these things anymore)


@oikmo - At this time point Apple stuck with the same design so the guide I pointed you to will get you in and access to the power supply. We don’t have any guides for this series as the previous ones will work here.

As far as getting your system serviced, do keep in mind the cost of shipping it out could be quite costly depending where you live and where you need to send it to.

I would recommend you try to find someone local who can help you. There are quite a few independent Mac repair shops, you’ll need to ask them if they have experience with the CRT based G3 iMac’s.


@danj Thanks :)


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