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Repair guides and information for the Nintendo Switch Joy-Con controllers.

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I’m very frustrated with my right Joy-con

I have a very faulty R joy-con. It has many issues, I’ll list them here:

  • cracked case (maybe that’s my fault)
  • SYNC/SL/SR/LEDs not responding
  • joystick drift

So I ordered a clear shell, a new SL/SR assembly, and GuliKit joysticks.

Aaannnd the second I try to open up the joy-con I strip a screw.

So I say “we’ll I’m changing the shell anyways I’ll just crack it open” and that actually works pretty well.

[edit: I forgot to add that when I opened it up I realized instantly that, oh no, the battery is leaking!!]

So I follow the guide and it says to gently pry up on the battery connector, so I gently do so, but the area to get to that connector is so so small, and I end up not unplugging the battery from the connector, but pulling the Whole Battery connector right off the motherboard!!

Now I either need a new motherboard or someone with soldering experience (I don’t have any and would just break it more). What should I do? Super frustrated right now

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Head to a repair shop and get a quote for the cost of the repair. Determine if it's cheaper to get it done that way if it's better to get a board, or if it's better to get a cheap used Joy-Con or the like. Shouldn't be too difficult once you figure out the prices. The repair also shouldn't be too costly if there's no heavy damage, but you'll likely need to be careful in the future with that connector.

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