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The Galaxy A12 is a low-end slate Android smartphone released by Samsung in November 2020 as a successor to the Samsung Galaxy A11. Identifiable by model number SM-A125 (followed by version/carrier-specific character.

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How can I fix my screen

My phone had an ink leakage after falling on the floor

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Hi @lesegomolete

The screen is faulty and needs to be replaced as it cannot be repaired.

Here's a video that may help.

Note: There are two Galaxy A12 models and they use different screens. If you get the wrong screen it won't work.

The Samsung part number for a Galaxy A12 (SM-A125F) LCD + digitizer module is GH96-14116A and the part number for a Galaxy A12 Nacho also known as a Galaxy A12s (SM-A127F) LCD + digitizer module is GH82-26486A GH82-26485A (for the BOE flex version) or GH82-26925A (for the LTPS flex version).

Check what model number that your phone is and then search online for the part number applicable to your model.

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