Model MD2614u / AMD Turion X2-64 2.1GHz dual-core processor

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Where do I get an Operating System Disk for this computer.

I have a gateway md2614u computer it crashed so i put in my operating disk because if asked for it but what i didn't realize is that it was my house computers operating disk so now the laptop works like a house computer. So all i need to know is where can i buy a OS disk for my computer to get it running back like a laptop thanks in advance.

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Izaia8h Lucero, this should not be an issue of the OS but of the drivers. Your laptop most likely will have different drivers compared to your desktop. Check on here for the drivers for the Gateway MD26 series. Hope this helps, good luck.

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Go to, $14.99+free shipping. They are in Atlanta GA.

Must have credit card.

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