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The iMac G3 came in tangerine, blueberry, lime, grape, and strawberry colors.

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iMac G3 model M4984 airport express card support

Does the iMac G3 M4984 support a airport card?

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AirPort is supported by all slot-loading iMac G3 models -- those with 350 MHz and faster processors -- except for the iMac G3/350 (Summer 2000 - Indigo) which does not have an internal AirPort slot. No iMac G3 models had AirPort installed by default.

Installing an AirPort card in a compatible iMac G3 model is quite simple and nearly the same procedure as upgrading the RAM in the slot-loading iMac G3 models. Effectively, you turn off the computer, place it "face down" on a soft surface, twist a coin in the small door to "unlock" access to the AirPort slot (and memory banks), attach the antenna, and plug in the card. Apple provides step-by-step instructions on the Apple Support Site.

However, as aftermarket AirPort and AirPort Extreme cards are expensive, you may also wish to consider a third-party USB wireless device in lieu of the internal card if one has not already been installed and the iMac G3 is running a later version of MacOS X.


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An after market third party USB dongle can be used on the iMac G3, assuming the iMac is running MacOS X 10.3 (all models will run this, including the Caddy Loading iMacs). However, no iMac G3 (or iMac G4 for that matter) can use an airport express card. These computers are all Original Airport card only (802.11b). A third party USB dongle will provide Airport speeds equivalent to 802.11g.

ref: http://www.forevermac.com/1998/05/imac-g...

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Using a wireless bridge to pick up the wi-fi signal and then feeding it in through the ethernet port has seemed to be a much more stable (and quicker!) way to go than any of the USB dongles I tried... I know that some routers can be turned into wireless bridges (receivers) by using DD-WRT firmware in them... They become much more versatile that way!

The only problem I find is the limitation of the iMac to process all the junk that's added into today's web pages... That can gum things up so quickly.

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