Is the power button pressed even if I'm not pressing the power button?

It started on April 6, 2023, when my phone started restarting due to the 'pressed power button' phenomenon. I began to worry about it, then today, once I locked my phone, it began to restart again. It was involved in a boot loop; pressing the bootloader causes the power button to be pressed every second. I have fixed it several times by pressing the power button very hard, but this time, it doesn't work. I have to see why that happened, and even though I didn't press the power button, the phone shuts itself by pressing the power button internally. It causes my phone to heat up, and I need to repair my phone. I think this happened frequently, and pressing the sides of the power button works. I have to know this in the future in case my phone does this, it was due to the Spigen case.

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