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Won't power up.

Won't power up. was getting 2 light blinks on standby. Replaced power supply. Didn't help. Replaced batteries in remote, rebooted. Started and worked fine for 30 seconds. then returned to startup failure. Standby light is giving one longer light followed by two short lights. Advice?

Update (07/01/23)

Actually it is a QN75.

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@davidrayome just a quick thing to do. Disconnect your AC cable. Disconnect your main board from the power board and reconnect the AC power. Do your back lights come on? If yes, your power board is okay. Disconnect AC power, reconnect main board, disconnect the Panel. Reconnect AC power. Let us know what happens.

Next step would be, you showing us your boards and your interconnect cables etc. We will need large well focused images so we can try and assist you with determining what is going on with your TV. It's a large panel so I know this is not easy to work around.

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