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Repair guides and information for the Nintendo Switch Joy-Con controllers.

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How do I fix a joycon that doesn't rumble/vibrate?

I dropped my nintendo switch with the joycons attached, and it landed on the left joycon. The force temporarily dislocated the charging rail on the left joycon, but it could be reinserted and the joycon closed easily. However, after the drop, the joycon no longer produced any vibrations. Is there a way I can open the joycon and check inside to see if something needs to be reattached, that was dislodged when I dropped it? What part of the joycon controls the rumble?

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@joshlai66822 Step 19 of this guide Nintendo Switch Left Joy-Con Shell Replacement shows you where the rumble pack is located. Could be disconnected or, worst case, a broken pack.

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