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working when dissasembled, not working when put together

i have a problem with one of these...

got it from frien of mine, with broken off screen. i have replaced that with one i got my hands on. machine was working correctly before the hinges snaped.

now, when i try to start it, no life. i tried it with two different batteries, no luck. charger is good, as it charges both batteries to full. i can only turn it on, when i take off the bottom lid and metalic shield. in that state, i flip it over plug the charger in and it turns on, chime, boot to system and stays there for however long i need it to. i put it together and no life...

i restarted PMU, tried CMD+alt+P+R, no luck... actually the second one seemed to get it a bit quieter, at least the chime did sound quiet.

it never was water damaged never dropped...

i also noticed, that the fan is not working, but spins when i put it on external powersource... i tried to install some fan control, but for some reason it does not allow me to run it...

can anybody help? thank you


I have tried suggested. Only partial success. Now it turns on every time. And every time after i log on i will get kernel panic. I wonder, does this shield also play any other role than being emi shield? If no, i believe if i put a heet of paper between shield and board, it should solve my problem. What do you think guys?

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Looks like there's a short or a ground problem with the metal shield. Did you try to install the bottom case without the shield, snap it and boot the machine. That would tell you if the metal shield is the culprit. Also make sure that all your screws are installed at their original location cause a long screw installed in a short one location could short the main board and prevent it to power up.

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