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Mid 2009 Model A1278 / 2.26 or 2.53 GHz Core 2 Duo processor EMC 2326

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Not booting after liquid damage.

My sister had an accident and got some liquid spilled over her brand new MacBook Pro unibody keyboard. The computer was on at the time and immediately shut down. She gets frantic flips the computer upside to get the liquid away from the computer. She leaves the computer off and tries to find a way to remove the battery - to her surprise, it's a triwing and almost impossible to remove.

2 days later she turns the computer on. It boots normally up to the login screen, she goes crazy again nervous as to what to do and shuts the computer down. She gives me the computer to look at a few days later and the computer no longer turns on. Nothing zip, zilch, nada. I open the computer and found no signs of water damage on any pcb component whatsoever.

My question is, (being somewhat new to the mac experience but well versed on pc's) is there a way to turn on the computer without using the power button? On pc's there usually are a set of jumpers or pins that you can short out to to turn on the board. Where would something like this be located, because my main hunch is that the logic board is still good, but the power button circuitry - if there is one - got friend leading to a cheaper fix than a new logic board. Any suggestions would be great.

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What about on a black 1 gen macbook? were is it?


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Hi Cliff,

There are 3 cables coming from the top case and connecting to the logic board. The trackpad cable, the keyboard cable and the keyboard backlight cable. The power switch cable is probably integrated in the keyboard cable but I'm not sure, the MacBook Pro unibody is such a new model... I don't think there a way to boot the MBP directly from the logic board. If someone here knows about a way to do it I'd also be interested to know the procedure. You'd probably have to trip 2 pins in the keyboard socket but which ones ????

You should take apart the MBP and clean the internal components cause if the liquid stays on the parts there will be corrosion after a while shortening the MBP life. Many people had good results after internal parts cleaning being able to restore the unit functionality if nothing is shorted. Here's the link to the logic board take apart steps:

MacBook Pro 13" Unibody Mid 2009 Logic Board Replacement

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OK: If it is less than a year old, Call Apple and tell them it doesn't startup. And leave it at that. I have seen them fix them provided you do not expand on the reason. after all you did have it running for a period after the spill.

If you have the want to replace it yourself I use DT&T Services: http://www.dttservice.com

you call them and tell them the problem and then with RMA you send the laptop to them. They will Diagnose it and tell you what the cost will be. You pay they fix and send back. Logic board runs about $500 plus shipping.

Good luck

But Call Apple first.

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