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Guides and repair information for washing machines produced by GE, an engineering and technology company in the US.

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My washing machine will not fill. This is not a common problem fix

I have an GE gtw335asn1ww model washing machine that will not fill with water at the start of the cycle. The age of the machine is 3 years and now out of warranty. At this point i am at my wits end, here are the parts that i have recently replaced all are factory. They also have been replaced the past month if that helps.

Main control board (note pressure sensor is built in) WH22X35597

Water sensor valve WH13X26534

Selector switch WH04X29307

Pressure hose WH41X24395

Speed sensor WH03X32158

Mode sensor WH03X30517

Lid lock WH08X32697

Drive belt WH01X27538

When i press start on the machine it will do two bursts of water then the fill light will come on and nothing after.

I have manually filled the machine to test the drain and spin which is fine

The lid does lock, machine does agitate and spin, does drain.

The house lines are free and clear of debris and the electrical lines and fuses replaced last year.

I have put the machine in diagnostic mode and finding the codes online were a pain in the neck as my machine's paper inside the machine was not there. Every selection i made in the test mode seemed to work.

I have reset the motor ( lifting the lid several times)

I have cleared the little part that the pressure hoes goes into.

The water is on, and no kinks to the lines.

Now this morning i had left the machine unplugged overnight and when i pressed start it spun three sets of spinning filled a little water, agitated a few minutes, spun and drained. But after that it went right back to the original problem. Two bursts of water with the fill light on but nothing else.

I swear this is the worst washing machine i have ever owned.

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could it be like the water inlet solenoid valves are bad? initially admits some water, then closes? ?bad coils



in service mode, you can trigger the hot and the cold water solenoid separately to test if they are working properly.


I have the same model washer and have the same exact problem with mine were you able to come up with a solution


So did you find out what was wrong ours is doing the same thing


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Hi @sheilaeberle

Here's the mini manual for the washer.

Try the Entry into Consumer Error Mode test as described at the bottom right side of p.2 just to see if any errors show up.

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I’m here to say you’re not on your own this machine blows. I’ve replaced the belt twice and I’m now in a battle with the mode shifter.

Sorry I don’t have an answer but maybe the picture will help.

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